Coating System

  • Waterborne Organic Porcelain Color Coated Aluminum Plate

    Waterborne Organic Porcelain Color Coated Aluminum Plate

    An organic and inorganic composite resin material, composed of crosslinking agent, pigment, environmental protection solvent, deionized water and related auxiliaries of high-density cross-linked structure film coated aluminum plate, can meet a variety of color imagination...Read More
  • Wear-resistant Color Coated Aluminum

    Wear-resistant Color Coated Aluminum

    ► Description Wear-resisting coating is a kind of new functional coating with special function, which has good abrasion resistance. The wear-resisting functional coating is the core of the new coating field, which plays an important role in promoting and supporting the...Read More
  • Scratch-resistant Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

    Scratch-resistant Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

    Scratch-resistant color-coated plate refers to a high-performance polyester coating containing highly scratch-resistant abrasive particles coated on galvanized, aluminum-zinc and other substrates on the color coating plate。 ► Technical Process After three way three bake,...Read More
  • Imitation Copper Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

    Imitation Copper Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

    ► Product Profile Mirach Coated Aluminum Coils and Sheets --- Surface formation, easy to process molding, more than a single copper to save a lot of precious copper material. Natural copper surface is bright red, affected by the nature of oxidation, will occur from bright red...Read More
  • Brushed Color Coated Aluminum

    Brushed Color Coated Aluminum

    ► Product Details In the aluminum sheet drawing process, after the anode treatment of the special coating technology, can make the surface of the aluminum plate containing the metal composition of the skin film layer, clear appearance of each fine silk mark, so that the metal...Read More
  • Antistatic Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

    Antistatic Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

    ► Product Details Anti-static color steel plate refers to the use of special conductive materials coated with a coating of metal paint color steel plate. Antistatic Color Coating Board is a common polyester coating to add conductive material, so that the original insulating...Read More
  • Printed Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

    Printed Color Coated Aluminum Sheet

    Due to safety and environmental considerations, the National Housing and Construction Department limited the use of stone, glass and other curtain wall building materials. Wall Huang Card Printing plate coating products, is a printing stone, wood grain, camouflage, masonry,...Read More
  • Heat Reflective Color Coated Aluminum Plate

    Heat Reflective Color Coated Aluminum Plate

    ►Product Details Heat-reflective color-coated aluminum plate is the original fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating pigments added to the near-infrared region reflective large flake ultra-fine infrared reflective powder pigment, the pigment is the same in the visible light. The color...Read More
  • PE Coating

    PE Coating

    Mirach Coating has dedicated to producing PE coating aluminum coil with latest advanced equipment and technology for two decades. The PE coating aluminum coil is made by coating polyester paint which can form varied decorative film on the aluminum surface. All performance...Read More
  • Nano PVDF Coating

    Nano PVDF Coating

    The Nano PVDF coating panel is coated with another anti-pollution Nano paints based on the PVDF coating layer. This panel not only succeeded to the traditional PVDF coating panel's advantages. But by the high-tech Nano technology, it has more super advantages in pollution...Read More
  • PVDF Coating

    PVDF Coating

    The PVDF coating aluminum coil produced by Mirach Coating uses PVDF paint of famous brands like PPG, VALSPAR and NIPPON, which goes through duplex or triplex coating and high temperature baking to form 25-35μm thick cured coating. As the PVDF coating aluminum coil provides...Read More
  • FEVE Coating

    FEVE Coating

    Mirach Coating (fluropolymer) FEVE coating provides a unique combination of vibrant colors and gloss. It's available in two- and three-coat systems, plus high-gloss levels up to 80. Our FEVE coating for al coil has a high level of protection and color retention, which is...Read More
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