Aluminum foil coiling quality and extrusion process
- Jun 04, 2018 -

The quality requirements of aluminum foil coiling are as follows:

(1) the thickness of the two sheets of rolled aluminum foil should be even, and the thickness deviation should be no more than + or + 3%.

(2) spray the double-joint oil evenly on the double-joint surface before the coiling, and 10-15 mm of each side cutting edge after coiling. If the double oil spray is uneven, the dark surface will produce color difference after rolling. The purpose of coiling cutting is to remove the edge crack and ensure the width of the two double rolled aluminum foil is the same.

(3) or when you cannot have wrinkles, discounts, for single roll of aluminum foil. The tension of two aluminum foil consistent as far as possible, the tension is generally 10 to 20 mpa, avoid a loose, a tight, the existence of defects, easy to cause a rolling strip break.

(4) the cutting edge shall be free of cracks, burrs and clamps.

(5) for the aluminum foil with separate coiling, the end face shall be tidy and no channeling layer, and the coiling tension shall be controlled reasonably. Loose coiling or "ribbing" shall be avoided.

(6) the original state of the two aluminum objects should be close to each other. If intermediate annealing is to be carried out, the annealing should be carried out after pairation. Otherwise, because the original state is different, the rolling deformation is not uniform and it is easy to break the belt.

Extrusion process of aluminum foil

1. When the aluminum mold is tested with high density teeth, the first aluminum side must be short aluminum rod or pure aluminum rod of 150-200mm.

2. Before testing the mold, the extruder must be adjusted to a straight line at the center of the aluminum extruder, the extruder shaft, the ingot tube and the discharge port of the die seat.

3, test and production process, for the temperature of the aluminum bar to keep between 480-520 ℃.

4, for the heating of aluminum to be carried out in accordance with the normal temperature heating, the temperature control at about 480 ℃, 200 mm diameter, need to keep temperature may not be less than 2 hours, if is die temperature should be selected for use in 3 hours or more; If the mold with a diameter of more than 200mm is kept warm for 4-6 hours during the manufacturing process, it can ensure that both the core and the outside of the mold can be evenly heated.

5. Before testing the mold or before production, clean the ingot cylinder liner with clear cylinder liner and check whether the extruder is running normally.

6. In the process of mold test production, the automatic stop of the extruder needs to be closed, and all switches need to be reset to zero. Slowly starting from the minimum pressure, the discharging time is about 3-5 minutes. We need to control the pressure of aluminum in the filling process. The pressure is best controlled within 100Kg/cm2, the current within 2-3a, the material can be discharged at 80-120kg /cm2, and then the proper acceleration can be achieved. The pressure normally used should be less than 120Kg/cm2.

7, in the process of production if there is a wall model, the phenomenon such as partial tooth, speed deviation is too big to stop immediately, and to point out discharging mode, it can effectively avoid the mold scrapped.

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