Aluminum plate drawing process
- Jun 04, 2018 -

The punching hole after the drawing process of aluminum plate can be straight, disorderly, threaded, corrugated and other decoration requirements according to the process drawing.

Straight wire drawing is a straight line treatment using a mechanically resistant aluminum surface. It can eliminate the scratches on the aluminum surface and decorate the aluminum surface. Control to produce continuous and intermittent filaments. Continuous horizontal resistance of stainless steel brush with continuous silk-grain can be obtained. Change the diameter of the stainless steel wire brush to get different thickness of the wire. Intermittent silks are usually brushed by the machine.

The chaos diagram is in the high speed wire brush, the aluminum plate clings to the left and right of the movement, to obtain no significant matt silk lines. The treatment has high demand on the surface of aluminum.

Ripple is in brush machine commonly or scrubbing mode. Using mobile roll grinding, aluminum or aluminum alloy on the surface of rotating way, also known as optical rotation, the use of the blanket cylinder or discussion stone nylon wheel installed on the drilling machine polishing paste and so on harmonic with heat, a brush wire on the surface of the image rotating polished aluminum or aluminum alloy plate. It is used to decorate circular signs and decorative small dial.

Screw motor shaft and a circular feel, will be fixed on the surface of the table, the table edge Angle is about 60 degrees, the another do an extension unit with a fixed aluminium gage pressure tea, the edge of qi in the expansion of the release unit straight degree of line of polyester film used to tie the game. The spinning and expanding unit of the felt is a linear motion that causes the width of the spinning thread on the aluminum surface.

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