Application and advantages of drawing aluminum plate
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Aluminum, we can see everywhere in our day, aluminum tableware, aluminum shelves, traffic signs on the road are all aluminum products. Of course, there are countless USES of aluminum, many work technologies will be used, even we do not touch the aerospace, even precision instruments, weapons will be used aluminum. So when it comes to wire-drawing aluminum oxide plates, we can dream that it must not be ordinary aluminum. We all know by name that it must be a specially processed aluminum plate, so its use must be special. What are the properties or benefits of wire-drawing aluminum oxide plates?

1. Metal sense, when used for decoration, more product layers, more atmospheric environment protection than the surface covered by paint.

2. No paint on the surface, more fireproof, no toxic gas, no burning at high temperature. Corrupt fire protection requirements.

3, plasticity is good, easy to bend, bento processing directly, need not mixed and disorderly surface processing, so making product cycle is short, forming the product cost is low, so is widely used in decoration.

4. Resistant to oxidation, it will not change color for a long time and will not rust. The thickened drawing wire aluminum oxide plate can be exposed to strong light for a long time and will not change color. Specification thickness suitable for indoor use. Thickening is primarily used outdoors.

5. Easy to clean. When the surface is occupied with stains, it can be cleaned directly without leaving speckle.

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