Causes and elimination of oil marks on the surface of aluminum profiles
- Oct 15, 2018 -


1. The finished saw saws the oil stains left at the two ends of the aluminum profiles. When the materials are moved (lifted), the gloves are not clean or even sticky with graphite ash.

2. When the aluminum profile is stretched, the glove is dirty and the sawing is not removed.

3. When the middle material is used, the gloves are dirty and leave the "imprint".

4.extrusion equipment tools leaking oil traces (driving, sling)

Elimination method:

1. In the process of aluminum production, the gloves should be clean when the aluminum alloy is lifted, and the oil traces should be wiped off in time.

2. Take appropriate materials when stretching aluminum.

3. the material, the glove and the stretching material when lifting the material, the gloves when adding the bar should be separated.

4. equipment, tools pay attention to oil spills, padding tape slings, etc. should be clean.

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