Color coated aluminum coil application
- Nov 01, 2018 -

Color coated aluminum coils have a wide range of colors, whether it is residential, large commercial outlets or large convention centers, color coated aluminum coils can add color. Good plasticity and machinability make it an ideal material for a variety of architectural shapes. Color-coated aluminum coils have provided architects, designers and owners with a personalized color space for exterior walls and ceilings, as well as the ideal material for architectural styling. Whether it is a versatile large building or a unique and innovative new building, the painted aluminum coils can always meet the different requirements of modern and classical architectural styles, and the building is decorated in a colorful way. Products are used in many fields such as electronics, instruments, lighting, packaging, and home improvement.


The product range is very wide,architectural aspects (aluminum composite panel, aluminum honeycomb, roof wave board, fireproof veneer, aluminum ceiling, blinds, rolling door, garage door, awning, drooping gutter), electronic appliances (computer case, electrical panel) , lighting, furniture, solar reflectors, air conditioning ducts, etc.

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