Function, preparation and maintenance of composite aluminum curtain wall before installation
- Jun 04, 2018 -

The rapid economic development has brought development opportunities to China's construction industry. The decoration of exterior wall has been paid more and more attention. As a new type of cladding aluminum sheet curtain wall exterior wall decoration materials, in the beauty, color, color, durable, smooth, have achieved the level of an update on modelling, for architects to create provides a vast space for imagination. At the same time, the composite aluminum curtain wall has the characteristics of convenient processing and production, fast construction speed and so on.

The function of composite aluminum curtain wall belongs to exterior decoration and exterior protection, that is, the building has ordinary brick wall or other types of wall. The composite aluminum curtain wall installed on the outside not only ACTS as decoration to the building, but also ACTS as foreign protection to the building. Such aluminum curtain walls themselves require good wind pressure, water tightness, air tightness and weather - resistant sealing systems. Before making and installing composite aluminum curtain wall, the construction drawing of architectural design should be checked, and the building should be retested, and the original design can be processed and assembled after adjustment according to the measured results. The equipment and tools used in processing curtain wall components should meet the requirements of machining precision of curtain wall components, and the measuring tools should be calibrated regularly.

In addition to the effect of decoration, the ability to resist wind deformation should also be considered. Curtain wall plate mainly bears wind load, and its ability to resist wind load deformation depends on the thickness of the plate, the ratio of length to width, the distance between support points and supporting conditions. If the aluminum sheet curtain wall facade segmentation is too large, the thickness size and width compared to the size of the two directions, the board face under prescribed by ritual law is easy to produce the deflection deformation, affect the curtain wall integral effect. If the design is not appropriate, it will leave irreversible plastic deformation on the board. In the application of plate type control, various factors are generally taken into account, and then the supporting and fixing mode of panel fabric and the position and number of reinforcing bars behind the plate are determined according to the real sample test and experience.

Alloy aluminum plate is used to add various alloy elements in the process of aluminum plate processing to improve the mechanical properties and chemical indexes of aluminum plate. So how should alloy aluminium plate be maintained?

1. It is forbidden to store aluminum alloy plates together with chemical data and moisture data when storing.

2. In the process of transportation, the alloy aluminum sheet should be covered with tarpaulin, so as to guard against the invasion of rain and snow.

3. The storage environment of alloy aluminum plate should be dry, bright, ventilated and corrosion free.

4. In the process of handling, it is necessary to gently hold and release the aluminum plate, and be careful to avoid the appearance collision caused by the bump, which affects the appearance of beauty.

5. When storing alloy aluminum plates, it is recommended to put them on the shelf in a small standard. The best storage method for large aluminum plates is to separate them from the ground with cushion wood at the bottom, and the distance between them and the ground is more than 10CM.

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