Generation and elimination of surface watermarks on aluminum profiles
- Oct 15, 2018 -

The characteristics of the water surface of the aluminum profile reflect:

A silver-gray wet-stained spot appears on the surface of the aluminum profile, and the aluminum alloy profile fades or disappears as the strength of the alkali-washing increases.

Causes of surface watermarking of aluminum profiles:

The surface of the aluminum profile is partially wet with water, and the fine pores of the surface of the profile are infiltrated into the aluminum matrix to form the bayerite, which is light and clear with the residence time of the water. If there is impurities in the water (salt, nitrous acid, etc.) Corrosive spots will be produced.

Aluminum surface watermark elimination method:

The aluminum profile with water should be dried for the first time, and must be dried before aging. If the conditions are sufficient, the alkali time and oxide film thickness should be appropriately increased.

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