Get More Ideas about Heresite p-413c in Mirach’s Coating Aluminum Coils ?
- Nov 22, 2018 -


Heresite p-413c is a high-performance coating primarily used in the manufacture of light metal tools and cannot be thoroughly prepared for metal, such as sandblasting.

The coil will get a uniform coating on all surfing

Ace, including fin edges, with p-4, thermosetting, modified phenol


p-413 applications will pass through multiple coatings

Thickness of film to approximate thickness by immersion or flow coating  Y 1. Million.


P-413 Typical Properties

Salt Spray:  ASTM B-117: 6,000+ hours

Humidity: ASTM D-2247: 2,000+ hours

Solvent Resistance: ASTM-D5402: 100 acetone double rubs

Dry film thickness: ~ 1 mils

Cross-hatch adhesion: ASTM D-3359: 5B

Hardness:  ASTM-D3363: 5–6H

Gloss: 20–60 on 60 degree meter (topcoat dependent)

Mandrel: ASTM-D522: >1/4 inch

Impact:  ASTM D-2794: 160 lb/inch steel; 40 lb/inch aluminum

pH range (14 day liquid spot test): 2.4–12.6

Temperature cycling (4 hours at –75°C; 4 hours at 190°C): 4B–5B adhesion after 5 cycles

Dry heat resistance (4 hours at 200°C; 20 minutes at 232°C ): 4B–5B adhesion after 5 cycles

Simulated sea water resistance: 2,000 hours Microchannel Compatible

Abrasion resistance:  30–40 mg loss per 1000 cycles Meets FDA 175.300 for indirect food contact  

Meets MIL Spec:  MIL-C-18467, MIL-E-480 and  MIL-STD-883 Method 1101

Meets Other Specs:  Honeywell MC 7200-01 and GE F50T17

At approximately 2 mils thickness, Thermal Conductivity is less than 1.0 w/mK  

Dielectric Strength [ISO 2376:2010(e)]: 286 volts per mil of thickness


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