How about Gutter downspouts Color Coated aluminum coil ?
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Mirach’s Color coated aluminum coil, used in the manufacture of aluminum alloy gutter and aluminum alloy downspouts, using 3105H24 and 3003H24 aluminum alloy, both sides of the aluminum roll coated polyester (PET) paint, front film thickness 25-28 um, back film thickness 15-18 um, color durable.


Good mechanical properties, to ensure that the Mirach coating’s pre-painted aluminum coil in the process of easy bending, welding, rail compression molding, aluminum alloy gutters at home and abroad (sinks) and downspouts manufacturers of the ideal raw materials.


Typical thickness: 0.6mm,0.7mm,0.8mm,0.9mm,1.0mm, etc.;

Typical width: 266mm,285mm,300mm,405mm,448mm, etc., Can be divided according to customer needs slitting;

Color: Existing nearly thousands of colors for customers to match, and in 5 working days in accordance with customer sample color grading.



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