How to remove the oxidation film of embossed aluminum plate?
- Feb 11, 2019 -

Oxidized embossed aluminum plate is through the embossing, shear, oxidation and other processes, the formation of a surface with a dense layer of alumina trioxide protective film of high-quality embossed aluminum plate.
It is resistant to acid rain corrosion and has a lasting luster and beautiful pattern. Widely used in refrigerators, cold storage, refrigerators, decorative aluminum products, lamps, bags, disinfection cabinets, kitchen cabinets, central air-conditioning ventilation pipes, indoor and outdoor decoration, mechanical equipment shell and other industries.
The thickness and strength of the pre-painted aluminum sheets can be enhanced after embossing.
Embossing aluminum plate manufacturers for you to introduce measures to remove the oxide film:

1. Skimming treatment, with skimmed cotton wet solvent wipe, remove oil, and then wipe a few times with clean cotton cloth can be. Commonly used solvents include trichloroethylene, ethyl Acetate, acetone, butanone and gasoline.    

2. After skimming in the following solution chemical treatment: Ammonium fluoride 3-3.5, chromium oxide 20-26, sodium phosphate 2-2.5, concentrated sulfuric acid 50-60, boric acid 0.4-0.6, water 1000 in 25-40°c impregnated 4.5-6min, that is, washing, drying. This method has high bonding strength,
After treatment 4h internal bonding, suitable for epoxy glue and epoxy-nitrile adhesive bonding.

3. After skimming in the following solution for anodic treatment: concentrated sulfuric acid 22g/l in the 1-1.5a/dm2 of the DC strength impregnated 10-15min, and then in the saturated dichromate solution, under the 95-100°c impregnated 5-20min, and then washed, Drying. The treated metal surface is highly active and is more likely to be contaminated again by dust, moisture, etc. therefore, the treated metal surface should be glued as quickly as possible.

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