Influence factors of self-cleaning production by NANO - PVDF coated aluminum Coils
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Factors affecting illumination intensity and time of illumination. In addition, the most important is the coating structure, including two aspects, one is the composition of the film, the second is the thickness of the coating.


For example, "Smooth" consists of a transition layer and a surface layer (self-cleaning layer), which can significantly increase the adhesion of the surface layer. The film thickness of PVDF coated aluminum sheet has a great effect on the self-cleaning performance and adhesion of the coating: thin coating, poor hydrophilicity of coating, thicker coating, hydrophilic coating improves the retention ability of dark hydrophilic, coating is too thick, adhesion is poor.


The production of Mirach Metallurgy, the appropriate coating thickness and good hydrophilicity, can adapt to light time and intensity of light, effectively blocking ultraviolet radiation in the curtain wall directly exposed to the sun, billboards and other colored paint, reduce its fading, but not easy to aging, and let the building. Things remain fresh and bright.

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