More news about the mechanisms of Aluminum Strengthening
- Aug 06, 2018 -

The aluminum strengthening methods have been introduced in our previous knowledge article, and here to update the remain solutions as below:

5. Age Hardening:

Aging hardening is an effective method to improve strength. It involves an unbalanced case that can occur in an aluminum solid solution under certain conditions.

Age hardening usually occurs in three stages, including solution treatment, quenching, and then artificial or natural aging.

6. Thermal softening:

Thermal softening is another method of heat treatment. This process is also known as recovery heat treatment. It is performed between the temperature 150–250°c. The disadvantage of material loss of ductility is that it becomes fragile by the hardening of rolling or cold impact extrusion materials.

7. Annealing:

Annealing, or Recrystallization annealing, is performed at 350–450°c. The cold working alloy (see above) is completely softened in order to make it work further. Annealing leads to a recrystallization happening: completely new grains from the atomic nucleus (the smallest possible ideal grain) grow in the grains of the cold work seriously variant. Thus forming the whole crystal structure, which creates favorable conditions for the further formation.


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