The importance of Corrosion Prevention on Coated Aluminum Alloys in Corrosive Environments
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Aluminum alloy have a vast application in chemical industry, aviation, food, electronics, ocean and other industries, due to its low price, density and strength. However, the application of aluminum The alloys are limited by their high chemical activity and potential corrosion resistance.

So aluminum alloy anti-corrosion has always been an important field of research. Keep using this very rich and easy to process element.


The morphology of the metal surface and the applied coating test is analyzed using atomic force microscopy (AFM) and optical microscopy (OM).

An environmentally friendly electrodeposition of ceramic coatings combined with primer and paint, which results in the chromium-free coating, it showed higher polarization resistance than the traditional chromate conversion coating combination.

Coating defects and pores, which The AFM image shows that it has been shown to help increase the corrosion rate.

Traditionally, corrosion prevention coatings are divided into three kinds, including primer, chromium conversion film, and surface.

The special properties of ceramic coatings show a porous surface in the study of the OM survey, which can provide excellent adhesion for subsequent coatings. Through the process of add a whole new primer coating on the ceramic layer, the surface pore size is greatly reduced, thereby further reducing the corrosion rate.



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