To get ideas of Aluminum Strengthening mechanisms
- Aug 02, 2018 -


1. Work Hardening:

This is also called cold work. At room temperature the deformation leads to the formation of new dislocation, which makes the deformation more difficult, and the dislocation accumulates in the grain boundary, and the strength increases.

2. Solid-Solution Hardening:

The solution hardening describes the increase of the hardening of the foreign atoms (alloying elements) in the lattice of aluminum crystals. Foreign atoms make dislocation move in grains more difficult. So there's a bunch of dislocations and the corresponding intensity increases.

3.Fine-Grain Hardening:

The grain refinement leads to an increase of the number of grain borders and thus to more obstacles of the dislocation movement, which is equivalent to the force increase.

4.Heat treatment:

The term "heat treatment" is used to describe a deliberate change in the material nature of a material by exposing it to high temperatures and thereby altering its structure.



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