What factors affect the quality of aluminum plates
- Jun 04, 2018 -

1. Aluminum alloy melting furnace; Alloy to melt before casting a good aluminum alloy, it depends on many aspects, such as the furnace and the fuel, advanced is circular furnace, stove, generally either fuel, will be equipped with chimneys, fuel exhaust fumes in slag. If no pipe, can only produce low-quality quality aluminum veneer, its internal has serious slag bubble, because all waste slag molten aluminum in the water.

2. Alloy elements; Is the primary equipment of aluminum alloy elements in the process of aluminum alloy aluminum, magnesium, silicon percentage content of each element has a serious plan, and these content directly select the quality of the aluminum sheet material. Moreover, each manufacturer has its own data and each other.

In the continuous application of mirror aluminum plate, in order to make the progress of science and technology better completed, about the future of travel is also very helpful.

Continued use of mirror aluminum sheet, science and technology is marching on we have very good open, now some of the science and technology which could make produce constantly, constantly about mirror aluminum sheet using also will be able to make produce better, about the mirror will make science and technology in the application of aluminum plate after open the better, travel about in the future of science and technology also has a great influence.

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