What is the AAMA standards for liquid finishes --- PVDF Coatings ?
- Nov 27, 2018 -

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With regard to 70% PVDF coatings, Aama 2605-13 is the most widely cited Aama 2605-13  "Voluntary specification, performance requirements and test procedures for achieving high performance organic coatings on aluminum profiles and panels ".
It is not only suitable for spraying coatings for extrusion, but also includes an appendix addressing coil coating for aluminum substrates.
At present, the appendix contained in the AAMA 2605-13 standard replaces the previous document Aama 620-02,  "Voluntary specification for high-performance organic coatings on coated building aluminum substrates ". For coil-coated steel substrates, the standard is still aama 621-02,  "Voluntary specification for high-performance organic coatings on hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) and zinc-aluminum galvanized steel substrates in coated buildings.

Liquid surface treatment in accordance with Aama 2605-13 is ideal for long life external use in large high-rise buildings and front buildings. Aluminium products for exterior construction of engineering buildings. Aama's rigorous 2605-13 advanced coating test performance standards include 2, more than 000 hours of polymerization (cyclic corrosion) exposure, 4, 000 hours of moisture resistance, and a variety of physical and chemical resistance tests.

The AAMA standard also requires the coating to maintain specific standards for film integrity, color retention, chalk resistance and gloss after 10 years of outdoor weathering exposure in South Florida.

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