What is the composition and structure of powder electrostatic spraying equipment ?
- Jan 25, 2019 -


Powder electrostatic spraying equipment mainly includes: powder spraying room, high-voltage electrostatic generator, electrostatic spray gun, powder supply, powder recovery device, workpiece rotation mechanism.

1. Powder Spraying Room Powder Spraying Chamber is one of the main equipment of powder electrostatic coating. Maintaining a smooth air flow is clean in the powder room, providing a clean working environment for the operator. Control the dust content in the spray room, so that it is lower than the explosion limit (generally set as 10G/M3).

In addition, the powder spraying chamber should be conducive to cleaning, so that the powder is not easy to deposit in the house, in order to change the color of the powder, the room should have enough light, in order to facilitate the coating work.

2, electrostatic spray gun

1, classification: Spray gun According to its use can be divided into portable spray gun, fixed type of automatic powder spray gun, disc type gun, etc., according to the charged form is divided into internal charged gun and external charged gun, according to its diffusion mechanism can be divided into conflict gun, rebound gun, two air inlet gun, centrifugal rotary cup gun and so on.

2, spraying efficiency: the form of the charged mechanism of the powder spray gun is to improve the spraying efficiency will be a key factor. Generally speaking, the core of the powder spraying equipment is the spray gun and charging system.

In the current market, corona spray gun accounted for a large proportion, this is because the use of high-voltage corona discharge of the powder to charge the Zui of the great advantage of being able to spray all kinds of thermosetting powder coatings today, and can achieve very good results.

Its advantages are mainly manifested in excellent stability, powder rate and powder speed.

3, the development of the spray gun is like this: Voltage control o Current control o always control.

The total energy control is with the spray gun distance to the workpiece components, its voltage, current are constantly adjusted to the ideal state, in order to achieve zui good coating effect.

3. Powder Supply system

1) Powder supply system is the coated powder material, from the powder container continuous and uniform transport to the powder spray gun for spraying.

The powder supply system consists of an air compressor, an oil-water separator, an air dryer, a regulating valve, a compressed air pipe, an electromagnetic control valve, a powder supply, a powder pipeline, etc.

2) Form of powder supply

In the powder electrostatic spraying powder supply system, there are many kinds of powders used, which can usually be divided into: Pressure vessel type, screw or turntable mechanical conveying type, Wen's air suction type.

3) Powder Recovery device

The recovery of powder can be divided into wet method and dry type method.

Wet method is to let the airflow with powder through the liquid container filtration, to achieve purification, with liquid powder after drying treatment and reuse. Dry powder Recovery is the collection of powder particles in the powder airflow discharged from the powder spray chamber. The types of dry powder recovery are gravity sedimentation type, inertial separation type, cyclone separation type, sintering plate separation type, etc., in the actual production, often use multistage recovery device, in order to achieve better separation effect.

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