What is the Composition of PVDF coating on aluminum?---2
- Aug 31, 2018 -

PVDF Resin based architectural coatings provide high performance durability Used in metal construction products. These resin systems can be used in two liquids and powder coatings. The combination of PVDF resin base coating the hardness of acrylic acid can provide durable, excellent performance of the coating system Stand the test of weather and time.


The second composition of pvdf coating on aluminum is Pigment:

Pigments provide a color for the coating while hiding the primer and substrate. According to their chemistry, pigments impart color by absorbing and reflecting visible light to the PVDF coating. Most of the time, color is the most important design element in architectural paints. The color of pigments not only gives the design beautiful performance, but also affects the durability of the coating to improve its mechanical strength.

In order to improve performance, special pigments can provide additional solar reflective, energy-saving performance of PVDF coatings. For aesthetic and performance standards, it is essential to choose the right pigments. An important basis for selection is an effective outdoor exposure program.


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