What is the Composition of PVDF coating on aluminum?---3
- Sep 04, 2018 -

PVDF coated aluminium sheets with acid-resistant, alkaline and ultraviolet light, is fading for 15 years. It is also highly resistant to contamination and is easy to clean and maintain. Products are mainly used for exterior wall decoration, with excellent weather fastness.


We have analyse the two elements of PVDF coating, here to introduce the third composition of pvdf coating on aluminum is Solvents and Additives:

Solvents make the consistency of the mixture thinner so that it can be applied appropriately. In the curing process, the solvent evaporates, and the resin system attaches to the substrate.

Seasoned paint manufacturers can balance solvent formulations to achieve the consistency required for unique applications of different customers. Application-specific additives are used to process pigments in the membrane for flow and smoothing, to adjust the cure rate, and to improve the coating's hardness, gloss, March resistance and other performance characteristics.

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