What is the difference between aluminum insulation sheet and aluminum sheet
- Jun 04, 2018 -

In recent years, the external wall thermal insulation market growing prosperity, all kinds of insulation thermal insulation decoration system filled with the whole industry, each material has its own unique features and performance, and as a new material of the wall thermal insulation aluminum plate and the traditional thermal insulation building materials on behalf of aluminum veneer what's the difference? Here is your answer.

1, decorative, although insulation aluminum sheet and aluminum sheet with decorative effect, can improve the grade of building, self-cleaning sex is strong, but the thermal insulation of aluminum plate more rich color decorative pattern, can be modulated according to the design requirements, plank freely segmentation, flexible design layout.

2, insulation aluminum weight is lighter, only 4 kg per SQM, equivalent to 1/10 of the aluminum veneer, reduce building structural load, reduce the concrete beam, column, the section size of the structure safety. Unique triple fireproof structure design, polyurethane hard foam flame retardant technology, good fire retardancy. Install material weight is bigger, aluminum veneer and increase the load of the building and prone to fall off.

3. Energy-saving effect: the thermal conductivity of polyurethane is less than 0.024, and the thermal insulation effect of polyurethane with 4 cm can reach 6.5 cm XPS; Use board exterior wall heat transfer coefficient of the tested up to K = 0.53 W/(㎡ k.), 70% of the energy saving index can meet the cold region. Aluminum veneer insulation layer is mainly inorganic insulation (mortar or rock wool, phenol, etc.) as organic heat preservation of its energy saving effect, and inorganic insulation leakage easily. Special rock wool is less than the heat preservation effect, and easy to water absorption, at the same time polluting our environment very much.

4, construction technology, thermal insulation aluminum plate installation only 3 working procedure, procedure is simple, construction is convenient, 2 square meters of monomer construction time limit for a project to only 60 days, compared with the ordinary first do heat preservation, again as a decorative surface, can shorten half period, save time is to save costs. And aluminum veneer insulation and decoration construction step by step, the beginning of the next procedure must wait on one end of the process, construction period is longer, 2 square meters of monomer construction period to 120 days.

5, durability, system heat preservation decoration fully integrated, aluminium alloy keel, aluminum core pulling rivets, metal bolt, machinery is fixed, have safeguard system durability. And aluminum veneer insulation using adhesive and anchoring, and the whole of dry hanging aluminum plate is not completely, the durability is a bit poor.

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