What is the Polyester coated aluminum coil with UV-absorbing properties
- Aug 10, 2018 -

The polyester coating aluminum coil is a kind of coated aluminum coils, which is formed after many times of baking. It is strong and characterized with protection and decoration. It is a polymer which can resist ultraviolet.


Fluorocarbon coated aluminum coils have a wide range of colors, the appearance is very good, to add a lot of luster to the building. In fact, the manufacturer of paint has also located the service life of fluorocarbon coatings. From the first ten years to more than twenty years now, can be said to greatly increase the value of coated aluminum coils.

Fluorocarbon coated aluminum Coils is a copolymer of vinylidene fluoride homopolymer with fluorinated ethylene monomer. In the chemical structure, it is mainly based on fluorocarbon bonding and is very strong. This kind of fluorocarbon aluminum coil has excellent mechanical and chemical properties. The mechanical aspects are mainly wear-resistant, small impact resistance, especially in very bad weather, it has good function, can be used for a long time, can resist ultraviolet, and has good weather resistance.

Generally added alkyd resin, which can selectively absorb ultraviolet light, such as selection based on glossiness, rich in color, with good gloss and smoothness. In fact, the experienced people know that its texture is very good, the hand feels smooth and has a distinct sense of hierarchy. And the sense of stereoscopic.

If you are using polyester coated aluminum coil protection items, can be free of ultraviolet radiation and wind and rain attacks, but also can withstand temperature and freeze-thaw, and so on, has a very good protection, suitable for interior decoration, there is the production of advertising boards are available.

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