What’s the detailed process in Coil Coating Lines?
- Nov 19, 2018 -


The whole process of pre- coated aluminum coil line as shown as below:

• Operational requirements

• Mechanical features

• Uncoiling and strip joining

• Tension levelling

• Entry accumulator

• Degreasing, rinsing, drying

• Pretreatment

• Coating

• Drying and stoving ovens

• Exit section and re-coiling

• Process control

Let’s see more in the first step : Operational requirements

The design of the coil coating and treatment line depends on the expected line speed (to meet the expected market requirements) and the minimum time required for each process phase, which in turn determines the space ring phase required for any process.

Some stages of coil anodic oxidation, as well as coil handling for special surface treatments such as engraving substrates, must be quite long, so these lines operate relatively slowly due to space and other limitations (e.g. up to m/min). However, for most paints, lacquerware and laminates, the coil coating line runs at speeds of up to m/min, for pretreatment only, up to a maximum of m/min.

These lines usually run continuously (24 hours, day, 6 days) and must therefore incorporate high standards of reliability. Few two lines are the same, but the main features described below apply to most high-speed lines and, to some extent, to slow lines.

In operation, the spare coil is usually used as a reserve for the spare coil for line initiation or any major process adjustment. When the solution tank and oven reach the operating temperature, the strip will slowly feed through the production line.

The coil coating production line should be able to handle the widest strip of steel produced by the relevant rolling mill. If the customer needs a narrow coil, the more economical way is to apply a wide width and cut the gap into multiple coils instead of covering a single roll of narrow coils.


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