What’s the difference between aluminum-plastic composite panel and aluminum veneer ?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Please refer to the difference as below:


1. lightning protection advantages:

In the case of lightning impact, the use of curtain wall connection method, whether aluminum composite panel or aluminum veneer, can completely prevent lightning strikes, in the case of continuous lightning strikes, the metal plate or metal surface layer of lightning strikes easily occur. Due to the good insulation of the intermediate polyethylene core layer, the damage to lightning strikes is limited to the skin. From this point of view, aluminum-plastic composite panels have better anti-lightning performance than aluminum veneer.

2. Fire resistance Aluminum veneer does not burn, it is well known to everyone. Early aluminum-plastic composite panels do not fire. However, with the development of aluminum-plastic composite board technology, the company produced a refractory aluminum-plastic composite plate in the fire resistance has been greatly improved, and the non-toxic flame retardant materials added to their sports.

3. Residual value Aluminum veneer has a certain residual value, but because of its high cost, its waste is much larger than that of aluminum-plastic composite panel, there is almost no residual value.


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