What Should Be Noted in the Decontamination of Painted Brushed Aluminum Sheet?
- Nov 06, 2018 -


1. Just gently wipe the dust:

Although not easy to contaminate dust is a major advantage of drawing painted aluminum sheets and coils, its other big advantage is special good care. After all, we live in a space full of dust, drawing aluminum plate dust only with a rag gently wipe can be bright as new.

Do not let too much water stay on the drawing aluminum plate for a long time, which is very unfavorable to the aluminum plate.

2.Dry flour wipe welding paste dirty:

Sometimes aluminum plate after welding, the surface will leave a layer similar to the paste of dirt, this time the ordinary cleaning method is difficult to achieve the effect of cleaning.

At this point you need to sprinkle some dry flour in the dirt to get it done with a single wipe.

3.Surface adhesive

If there is glue on the surface of the aluminum plate, such as some labels ripped off will have a stranded adhesive, this time can not use a knife and other sharp tools to scrape. If you can be sure that the product you are using is of better material, you can wipe it off with a regular eraser.

If the material is poor, the more the rubber will wipe the flowers, then you can use the hot air of the hairdryer to blow the glue for a while, and then you can easily wipe the loot down with a cloth.

4. Blackening treatment:

Encounter rain will not turn black, unless it is containing more acidic rain, long time erosion will be blackened. But even if the blackening is basically used for many years before it will be blackened, so generally will not be blackened, but we usually have to clean and wipe.

Some families due to improper use or some other factors caused by the aluminum plate black, this time with ordinary rag is not wipe off, we can wipe through alcohol, or with a professional aluminum plate cleaning agent gently wipe on it.

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