Analysis Of Roller Coating And Spraying Process For Coated Aluminum Coils In Mirach Metallurgy
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Color coated aluminum coil characterized with its light weight, folding resistance and corrosion resistance, it has been widely used in various fields, such as electronic equipment, building decoration, interior decoration and so on. Coated aluminum coil is durable and has been specially treated for 20 years or 30 years.


There are two types of coatings for coated aluminum coils: roll coating and spraying. This process is a key procedure for quality assurance of color aluminum products. The roll coating and spraying process of coated aluminum roll are very strict and there are still many differences.

Roll coating refers to the continuous uninterrupted reception of degreasing, chemical pretreatment and color coating on the aluminum substrate. The roll coating is three coating, the surface coating is the color coating; the bottom coating is the coating between the surface coating and the aluminum plate to strengthen the firmness of the adhesion between the surface layer and the aluminum plate; the back coating is the anticorrosion coating on the back of the aluminum plate to enhance the anticorrosion ability of the color coating plate.

Spraying refers to paint with the spray gun after the aluminum plate bending into the eaves ditch. Spraying only process with one layer of hand-painted surface layer.

The roller coating of aluminum coil is two bake, while the spray just one bake. In contrast, the roll coating can meet the higher testing requirements.


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