Application Of Alumina Curtain Wall
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Construction career is not only just now house said today (Monday), built in traditional concept of the traditional brick, steel, cement is widely exist in old building, building materials market now revealed a variety of building curtain wall materials, is multifarious, in which only the alumina curtain wall, is a very promising material.

Modern construction planners for the design of building is not content to ordinary, they seek more modern planning, have aesthetic feeling and the characteristics of the building, can reflect your own idea, show self personality such a visual enjoyment. Aluminum products are followed by steel, iron and steel into the materials of building materials, aluminum oxide curtain wall is aluminum processing components of the product, aluminum products through special processing cut into alumina curtain wall. Because alumina curtain wall is concise, beautiful and chosen gradually take the place of material such as stainless steel, iron, only a third of the stainless steel, the weight of the curtain wall of alumina and iron is simple, so the aluminium alloy window presents the defects of these building materials all the compensation, so the curtain wall aluminum plate in the role in the building materials of a larger plan to use a surprise. The quality of buildings made of alumina curtain wall is relatively light, which greatly reduces the bearing capacity of the house and lengthens the living life of the house.

Other, curtain wall of alumina compared with marble, glass and other materials to processing molding material, easy installation, high hardness, impact resistance is strong, is still aluminum products of environmental protection, on the basis of the recycled material availability, full thickness can reach up to 75% of recycling, the green environmental protection building real do.

Alumina curtain wall can in many investors guess its debut with its excellent function is inseparable, only alumina curtain wall, for us to build a more beautiful, more environmentally friendly, more comfortable living environment.

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