Do You The Specify Parts Aluminum Used In Car Build , Which Accounting For Up To 75% Become Popular?
- Nov 13, 2018 -


Relevant data show that the proportion of aluminum alloy used in automobile manufacturing is gradually climbing, the current use of aluminum alloy more is the Jaguar long-wheelbase version of XF, this car boasts that in addition to the car's four doors are steel, the rest of the body is all aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy proportion reached a horror of 75%.

So what parts of the car can use aluminum alloy, you know? Small series visited the domestic well-known automotive aluminum suppliers, for you to organize a comprehensive list of aluminum alloys used in all parts of the car. First, it's the car wheels. Now the car wheels are basically aluminum, there is no aluminum wheels of the car, not more than 10 years ago car, is a very low price car.

The use of aluminum alloy wheels on the car to reduce fuel consumption has a very obvious effect, and car wheels are used more than 6061 aluminum alloy. Second, the car's four doors are two caps. The "four doors" are four doors, and the "two caps" are the hood and the trunk cover, which are easily damaged parts of the body.

"Four-door two-cover" aluminum alloy is 5182 aluminum, because 5182 aluminum plate has excellent deformation, in the impact of external forces can be a good absorption of impact, a greater degree of protection of drivers and passengers, therefore, the use of 5182 aluminum alloy material four doors two covers, higher safety. Again, the car chassis.

Automobile suspension swing arm and other bottom guard parts, but also the use of more aluminum alloy, this part of the use of aluminum alloy material has 5083 aluminum alloy, 5754 aluminum alloy, 6061 aluminum alloy and so on. Later, the car's fuel tank, radiator, new energy vehicle battery floor and other parts, but also the use of aluminum alloy material.

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