Drawing Technology Of Aluminium Coil Sheet
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Aluminum plate business for many years, we always strictly control the quality of our products favored by the majority of consumers. Aluminum coil plate drawing process was conducted after stamping, drawing can be, according to the decoration made straight grain, grain, threaded, corrugated and wait for a few kinds. Below, we will learn about the aluminum coil plate drawing technology.

Straight line wire drawing refers to the aluminum coil plate surface with the method of mechanical friction work out straight lines. It has a brush in addition to the aluminum plate surface scratches and dual role of decorative aluminum plate surface. Straight line wire drawing has two kinds of continuous silking and intermittent silking. Continuous silking available microfiber cloth or stainless steel brush through continuous straight and level of the aluminum rolled plate surface friction. Change the wire diameter of the stainless steel brush, different thickness of grain can be obtained. Intermittent silking in brush light or the brush grain processing.

Aluminum coil plate disorderly grain drawing is under the high speed wire brush, making about aluminum plate before and after the friction of a no rules, no obvious grain inferior smooth silking. This processing, higher requirements on the surface of the aluminum plate. Ripple in brush light or the clean lines. The use of on sets of roller axial movement, in the aluminum rolled plate surface grinding brush, crisp texture. Wen also called optical, is to use a cylindrical felt or nylon wheel to grind stone on the drilling machine, kerosene and polishing ointment, rotate cast grinding surface of aluminium roll sheet acquired a silking. It usually for circular signs and small decorative dial decorative processing. Thread is to use one On the shaft with a circular felt small motors, should be fixed on the surface of the table, edge of about 60 degree Angle with the table, in addition to do a fitted with fixed aluminum plate, dragging plate with a straight edge, polyester film used to restrict the thread race. Use of the rotation of the felt and moves in a straight slide, rub the width in the aluminum rolled plate surface spin thread lines.

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