Forecast Trend Of Painted Aluminum Plate From Mirach Metallurgy Coil Coating
- Jan 02, 2019 -


Analysis on the trend points of color coating aluminum plate :

1) predict the change of market price of color coating aluminum sheets industry. The price of the input goods in the production of enterprises and the sales price of the products are directly related to the profit level of enterprises.

 In the forecast of commodity price, we should fully study the changes of labor productivity, production cost and profit, the development trend of market supply and demand relationship, the change of monetary value and currency flux, and the influence of national economic policy on commodity price.

 2) Analysis of the characteristics of the development trend of painted aluminum plates industry.

Through the analysis of the influencing factors of the development of the coated aluminum coils industry, the characteristics of the overall operation trend of the polyester coated aluminum industry in the future are summarized.

 3) Predict the production development and changing trend of pvdf coated aluminium sheets


The prediction of production development and its changing trend is the prediction of commodity supply and its changing trend in the market.

 4) predict the market capacity and changes of pvdf coating on aluminium industry.

This paper comprehensively analyzes the adjustment of production technology and product structure of aluminium colour coated sheet industry in the forecast period, and predicts the demand structure, quantity and changing trend of aluminum composite materail industry.

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