How Should The Dirt Of Color Coated Aluminum Plate Be Cleaned?
- Jan 16, 2019 -


Color painted aluminum plate is widely used in our daily life, including buildings and decorations.

We will find that now if not timely to the color coated aluminum coil maintenance and cleaning, it is easy to appear some dirt on the surface, and these dirt if not timely treatment, the later is not easy to remove, so said, there is a problem must be resolved in time, then for these dirt how should we clean up it?

1. Clean the surface of the color aluminum sheet with plenty of water to make sure that the stains are drenched in the water.

2. Wipe with a cloth impregnated with detergent, the detergent should be diluted with water in advance, otherwise it will have a certain corrosive effect on it.

3. Continue to wash away the foam and stains on the surface of the pre-painted aluminum sheet with clean water.

4. Check the surface to see if there is anything else that has not been cleaned, and if so, continue to use the steps above to clean the remaining stains.

5. Wipe clean the remaining water stains on the surface of the colored aluminum sheet with a clean cloth.

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