Know More About Deltaspot Resistance Spot Welding Technology For Tesla All-aluminum Body Production ?
- Nov 19, 2018 -


Introduction of Deltaspot resistance spot welding technology

The Deltaspot resistance spot welding process is a new technology developed for aluminum welding. Its innovation is equipped with a unique electrode strap.

The invention of the electrode belt has brought unprecedented advantages.

Extremely high process reliability, each resistance solder joint can achieve 100% repeatability: the base material and electrode are protected by an electrode band, and the electrode strap moves between the electrode and the base material that needs to be joined to achieve a continuous welding process, ensuring a constant level of quality in multiple shifts.

Each solder joint uses a new effective electrode: Due to the protection of the electrode belt, the electrode head avoids wear from the base material, while avoiding contamination by zinc, aluminum or organic residue. Under such protection, the service life of the electrode is significantly improved.

In welding experiments with aluminum plates (ALMG3 alloys), the service life of the electrodes is as high as about 30,000 solder joints. No splash on the welded surface: Because the electrode does not come into direct contact with the base material, it ensures no splash welding effect.

Especially when welding aluminum plates, the coating of the electrode band optimizes contact with the aluminum, avoiding splash and the resulting damage to the parts.

Accurate control of thermal input using electrode straps: three-board connections (two thick plates, one sheet) are an old problem for traditional spot welding. The solder joints are formed within the thick plate range and are not sufficient to catch the sheet.

The Deltaspot electrode band controls the depth of the solder joint in a targeted manner through its additional thermal input. As a result, low heat in the thin plate range can be compensated by the use of high resistors through the electrode band. Solder joints in this way to fully penetrate the thin plate.

At the same time, the shape of the solder joint is more symmetrical, and the weld volume in the thin plate range is larger. Deltaspot not only performs well in aluminum welding, but also has incomparable advantages in different thicknesses/different material welding, such as: high standard solder joint appearance, surface coating of highly steel material welding and so on. Deltaspot weldable base materials include: high strength steel, surface coating materials, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, composites and so on.


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