Mirach Metallurgy Prepainted Aluminum Coils: Best Wishes For Teachers’ DAY
- Sep 10, 2018 -


To find something in this picture?

September 10, teachers ' Day is a national teacher's day in China. It celebrates since 1985.

It pays tribute to teachers for their work and contributions to Chinese society. The goal of teacher's Day is to form a kind of social atmosphere so that teachers are respected and knowledge is valued.

Teachers ' Day's date is set at the beginning of the school year to arouse the enthusiasm of teachers and students for work and to give a good start to teaching and learning. On teachers ' day, students usually send greeting cards and wish their teachers respect.

In Taiwan, Teachers ' Day is celebrated every year on September 28. This day was chosen to celebrate the birth of Confucius because of his great contribution to Chinese culture.

In some other countries, teachers ' day is also celebrated. In the United States, this was the first Tuesday in May. In India, teachers ' Day is 5 in September. In Vietnam celebrated, which was celebrated on November 20.


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