Newest! China's Aluminum Alloy Development To Obtain Breakthrough Yield And Tensile Strength Are World-class
- Jan 25, 2019 -


Now in industrial applications, non-ferrous metal structural materials are most widely used in aluminum alloy, and the world's alloy applications, aluminum alloy is also the most, thanks to the many high-quality properties of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy is widely used in automobiles, ships, aerospace and other fields, and in our daily life, it is very common.

Now the highest tensile strength of high-strength aluminum alloys developed in Europe has reached 840 MPA, the United States is strong, tensile strength has reached 855 MPa, but more cattle or Japan, it is reported that Japan's developed aluminum alloy tensile strength can reach a staggering 900 MPA, such high-strength aluminum alloy once applied to the aircraft,

Can bring great convenience to the weight reduction work of the warplanes, and now the United States is still in this area of continuous investment. Here is to say that our country's high-strength aluminum alloy, just last month, our country's aluminum alloy materials developed a breakthrough, successfully developed the tensile strength of 950 MPa 7y69 aluminum alloy, this data is super strong around the world,

Also shows that our aluminum alloy materials have become the world's tensile strength Zui high aluminum alloy, but also more than that, 7y69 aluminum alloy's maximum yield strength is also world-class, up to 874-895 MPA indicators breakthrough, so that 7y69 aluminum alloy successfully removed the world crown!

Again, a very critical performance of domestic 7y69 aluminum alloy, it is reported that the domestic 7y69 aluminum alloy corrosion resistance is very excellent, especially the corrosion resistance to seawater excellent, which means that the domestic 7y69 aluminum alloy can be widely used in our country's ship manufacturing, so it seems, Our planes and ships are going to be upgraded again!

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