''Quality Promotion Month'' Activity - Organized By Mirach Metallurgy Co,. Limited
- Jul 19, 2018 -

In order to strengthen the staff’s awareness of quality and enhance the quality assurance ability, Mirach Metallurgy Co,. Limited held a “quality improvement month” mobilization meeting on July. 16th , decided to carry our the "quality promotion month" on the theme of "quality development and strength casting brand" from July 18th to August 18th.


To carry out the "quality month" activities, our company set up a leading group of production and technology system leaders and technical experts as members. First, the detailed work plan was set up according to the scheme of the casting, hot rolling and cold rolling, and the mobilization meeting of the factory was arranged and the mobilization was carried out through the banners and the plate newspapers. The technical group took the lead and looked back with the case of the quality accident happened in the last three years.

Secondly, company started the knowledge lectures around the technical standard documents, the technical quality requirements, the production process and the quality inspection of the finished products, the abnormal handling of the unqualified products and so on, and test the training effect in the form of theoretical examination or knowledge competition.

Furthermore, "Quality month" activities as an opportunity to check leakage fill, comb the process quality control difficulties, to the subject and special form of analysis and summary, improve product quality. At the same time, we should strengthen the follow-up inspection of production operation and process discipline, enhance the sense of quality, responsibility and execution of all staff.


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