Tesla All-aluminum Body Production Process, Know More Here!
- Nov 22, 2018 -


Because the aluminum alloy material is sensitive to heat, if the traditional welding process is used, there will be the problem of material strength decline, and because the heat is easy to deform, the precision of all aluminum body splicing size is not easy to control.

So, how does the Tesla plant overcome the difficulties of the aluminum alloy welding process?

Introduction to CMT Cold Metal Transition Technology

In 2005, Austrian Volt Welding Technology International Co., Ltd. launched the CMT (Cold metal Transfer) Cryogenic metal Transition Technology, the first time in the world to achieve steel and aluminum connection. Compared with traditional mig/mag welding, the CMT process is really a "cold transition".

When the droplet transition of the CMT is almost zero, the droplet is sent to the melting pool by the pumping of the wire, the heat input is reduced rapidly, and the continuous heat output time of the weld is very short, which gives the weld a cooling process, significantly reduces the welding deformation of the thin plate, and makes the weld form a good bridging capacity, Then it reduces the assembly clearance requirements of the workpiece and the requirements for the precision of the fixture.

CMT can weld ultra-light plates with a thickness of only 0.3mm. The CMT has an extremely stable arc. Arc length can be mechanically detected and adjusted, regardless of the surface of the workpiece or what speed you want to weld, the arc is always stable, the welding process almost no splash, and no burning wear phenomenon.

There also with another important technology that is “ Deltaspot resistance spot welding technology”, and will be continued in the next article......

Let’s see more picture of Mirach’s finished pre-painted aluminum coils in our factory:

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