The Development Trend Of The Coatings Industry Market To The Development Of Network Marketing
- Sep 21, 2018 -


Coating industry is the national economy has a number of industries to serve and supporting the important role. Coatings are widely used in machinery manufacturing, transportation, light industry, chemical, construction and other industries, is an indispensable functional materials. That’s why Mirach Coating’s pre-painted aluminum coils with high performance widely accepted.

The prospective Industry Research Institute analyses that the coating industry has the following development trend:

Trend One: Paint industry to "low-carbon" development In the weeks, people are not only more and more concerned about health, but also understand the meaning of health more and more thorough, health has become a more concerned about the life of the problem, and paint companies want to make products really popular, must rely on this "low-carbon" storm, to develop a real green environmental health of the paint products,

And in a certain segment of the field to open up their own market.

At home and abroad in the paint industry, there are many in line with the contemporary thought and the pursuit of the subdivision of the field of products, these products will be with the development of industry and the market has been more and more people understand and accept, the proposal of domestic paint enterprises to product quality as the starting point, paint market segments as the goal, towards the future trend of the mainstream

Trend two: Market to Network marketing development Network Marketing is not a new word, in recent years, the speed of its development is amazing. In the 2009, under the pressure of the economic crisis, facing the saturation of the one or two-level market and the fierce competition of the three or four-class market, more than 300 million internet users of the Internet market has become a market area to open up.

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