The Future Development Of Aluminum Industry
- Jun 04, 2018 -

If all stadium, exhibition center and other large building dome aluminium profile, just to save the annual maintenance cost is very considerable. Color aluminum plate is also can be applied in the construction industry, color aluminum manufacturers to introduce the construction application of color aluminum plate.

Lighter, more resistant to corrosion, 3 times life extension, and maintenance free. All aluminum bridge will become the future mainstream "aluminum," city, in the field of heavy truck, aluminum lightweight carriage a third lighter than steel. If the national heavy card has ten percent for aluminum, years to save oil equivalent of China's oil imports from Russia. Every year to national per capita amount of aluminum 90 kilograms, and China to 30 kg. From 30 kg to 90 kg, this color aluminum plate during involves many industry application?

On the one hand, China's electrolytic aluminium excess capacity, on the one hand, the downstream aluminum industry application big imagination space. After more than ten years high speed development, difficult choices at the crossroads of aluminum industry in China. As the world's aluminium producers, the production of alumina and aluminium are first in the world. But the player cannot disguise industry within an increasingly intensified contradictions: aluminium, aluminium serious excess capacity, industry is high energy consumption and emission pollution heart-pounding step by step.

Low aluminium situation in our country, the natural cause the government a series of control actions, from aluminum industry specification file to a new round of backward production capacity, has failed to change this kind of industry in the short term, on the contrary negative repeatedly fermenting. Due to the electrolytic aluminium large investment volume, low investment threshold, also easy to form industrial cluster, therefore regardless of resources and energy conditions in some places, all the electrolytic aluminium as pillar industry development, and to give companies more preferential support policy, such as electricity, protect a large amount of backward production capacity.

There are a lot of slag produced in the production process of decorative aluminum plate. Just like the cinders we use in our daily life, they are used as household garbage and have no use value. A lot of accumulation is a great damage to the environment. There is great economic value in producing waste of decorative plate.

Blast furnace slag powder is a new type of building material developed and popularized in recent years. Water quenched blast furnace slag grinding to a certain fineness, prompted CaO, increased the activity of SiO2, Al2O3, promote the formation of hydrated calcium silicate products, and fill in the aperture of cement concrete, can greatly improve the density of concrete; At the same time, low strength Ca(OH)2 crystals were transformed into high strength calcium silicate hydrate gel, which significantly improved a series of properties of concrete. The concrete mixed with slag powder has the characteristics of low hydration heat, corrosion resistance, strong bonding strength with steel reinforcement, strong anti-permeability, anti-shrinkage and post-strength. Water slag powder concrete strength is high, has the very good sulfate erosion resistance, resistance to chlorine ion corrosion performance, slump can meet the requirements of various performance concrete, viscosity, adhesion cohesion and segregation resistance performance. In many countries and regions, slag powder has been widely used and its engineering, underwater engineering, road engineering, coast anti-corrosion engineering, large construction projects, etc., thus has broad market prospects.

Water blast furnace slag powder is made from water slag blast furnace slag in the depth of the building materials industry, one of the development and utilization of the results of water slag powder directly replace part of cement concrete, which can reduce the cost of concrete production enterprises, the direct economic benefit; At the same time, setting up fine grinding facilities and directly selling fine powder can improve the economic value of blast furnace slag, expand the use, and generate greater economic benefits.

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