The Reason Why Aluminum Plates Are Brittle
- Jun 04, 2018 -

With the continuous development of our country's economy, the market demand for aluminum sheet is becoming more and more big, many vendors to see this opportunity, transition to do aluminum plate, but the technology does not pass, production experience, the aluminum manufacturer to produce aluminum tend to have the phenomenon of brittle, so this is what causes? Next, I will give you a brief introduction.

1. due to shunt bar is usually caused by poor convergence performance should be appropriately increased muscle and outside surface, reinforcement and reinforced the confluence of the length, or increase the compression ratios, the change of the die head pressure can change the die head straight length to adjust the material flow resistance; Different compression ratios can be selected to change the extrusion pressure in the mold design stage. The melt pressure can also be changed by changing the formula, adjusting the extrusion process parameters and increasing the porous plate.

2. The cooling rate of the mold is usually not paid enough attention to the cooling water. The role of cooling water is to timely cool and shape the large molecular chain stretched by the profile to achieve the purpose of use.

3. the cross section design is not reasonable, especially the distribution of the inner ribs and Angle of the interface processing, this can cause stress concentration phenomenon exists, need to improve design and eliminate interface of square and sharp Angle.

4. Uneven material discharge of the die at the mouth may lead to inconsistent thickness or density of the profile wall. This also caused the difference in mechanical properties between the two sides of the profile, as for non-standard profiles such as wall thickness, we will not talk about it.

5. The pressure at the die head is insufficient, and the pressure at the die head is directly determined by the compression ratio of the mold, especially the length of the flat section of the mold. The compression ratio of the die head is too small or the flat section is too short.

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