What Is Age Hardening For Aluminum
- Aug 06, 2018 -


Age hardening, also known as precipitation hardening, is a low-temperature heat treatment process, which improves the strength and mechanical properties of many aluminum alloys.

The basic ability of effective age hardening:

ThermTech has various aging furnaces to meet your heat treatment needs. All aluminum furnaces were investigated to meet the temperature requirements of AMS 2750E class 3 +/-10 f. ThermTech has a furnace that can run vertically 72 "horizontal and 74".

Time hardening process:

Aging is a low-temperature heat treatment process, usually running at temperatures between 225F and 350F.

The following is the way it works:

Materials remain at a desired temperature for a long time - usually between 5 and 36 hours depending on the material.

Because of low temperature, deformation is not a problem in aging process.

The material must be straight during the aging process, because the increase in strength and mechanical properties greatly reduces the ductility of the material and makes it difficult to straighten after age.

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