What Is Color-coated Brushed Aluminum Sheet?
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Brushed aluminum plate is the process of repeatedly scraping aluminum plate with sandpaper. The main process is divided into 3 parts: deesterification, sand mill and washing. In the process of drawing the aluminum sheet, the special coating process after the anode treatment can produce a coating layer containing metal components on the surface of the aluminum sheet, which clearly shows each fine wire mark, thus making the metal matte light shine. In recent years, more and more aluminum products have been made of metal wire drawing color coated aluminum sheet technology, so that its beautiful, corrosion-resistant. Make the product a fashion and technology element. This is also one of the reasons for the popularity of the process.


Mirach Metallurgy can do color coated brushed aluminum sheet as follow

✔Alloy:1100 H16/18, 3003 H24,3003 H26,3005 H26,8011,3004,3105,5005,etc.

✔ Max coating width: 2600 mm
✔ Thickness: 0.08~6.0 mm and normally 1.0~3.0 mm with tolerance ±3%
✔ Coating thickness: PE≥18mic; PVDF≥25mic; premier≥5mic, tolerance ±0.002 mm
✔ Color Difference for our 1100 coated aluminum coil: within 5 luster degrees
✔ Painting type: Nano PVDF paint, FEVE paint, PE (polyester) paint, PVDF paint
✔ Paint brand: Normally PPG and Beckers, and other brands available as requested
✔ Coated colors: NCS, Pantone, RAL etc. or on request
✔ Guarantee for paint: 15~20 years

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