What Is The Application And Development History Of Curtain Wall Aluminum Sheets
- Jan 18, 2019 -


Curtain wall aluminum plate with pre-painted aluminum texture unique, rich color, lasting, and the appearance of shapes can be diversified, and can be perfectly combined with glass curtain wall materials, stone curtain wall materials.

Its perfect appearance, excellent quality, so that it is favored by owners, its light weight, only one-fifth of marble, is one-third of the glass curtain wall, greatly reducing the structure and foundation of the load, and low maintenance costs, performance price ratio.

Below, for you to share the "curtain wall aluminum sheet application scope and development history", I hope to help you.

First of all, the treatment process of curtain wall aluminum plate can be divided into two methods, one is anodic oxidation, the other is electrostatic spraying.

Anodic oxidation of the oxide film is generally above 12μ, color only bronze and white two, the color is monotonous, the more serious drawback is that each piece of aluminum plate surface color shades, many block curtain wall panels together to form a curtain wall the overall effect is very ugly.

Powder spraying materials are mainly: polyurethane, swelling resin, epoxy resin and other raw materials with high color preservation pigment, you can get dozens of different colors of spraying powder. The spray powder, collision-resistant wear-resistant wipe, under 50 kg impact, aluminum plate deformation, spray coating without cracks, no drop layer complete non-destructive, anti-dilute acid and mortar. The shortcoming is afraid of ultraviolet radiation for a long time, a few years later easy to produce the difference between yin and yang surface color.

Many domestic manufacturers to produce spray powder, weight difference is very large, some powder contains gold crumbs this powder after hanging to the wall, with the change of sunlight angle, day and dusk have changes, the color of the wall is different, the choice of powder spray paint hope to attract attention.

Pre coated aluminum facades has a very lightweight material, as well as very excellent practical performance, such as fire, moisture, sound insulation and other effects, its own potential is also very large.

With the increasingly severe situation of the energy crisis, the country is also gradually strengthening the promotion of building energy conservation, aluminum curtain wall product structure is afraid of major changes, energy conservation and environmental protection will be the main development trend of aluminum curtain wall.

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