What Is The Application Fields And Maintenance Techniques Of Mirror Aluminum Plate ?
- Feb 11, 2019 -


Mirach's Mirror aluminum sheets refers to by rolling, grinding and other methods to deal with the surface of the plate to show the mirror effect of the aluminum plate. The General mirror aluminum plate adopts the method of rolling, which makes the coil and sheet material.  
In the market, the application of sheet metal is more common.
In life, mirror aluminum plate is mainly used in lighting reflector and luminaire decoration, solar energy set thermal reflective materials, interior building decoration, exterior wall decoration, household appliances Panel, electronic products shell, furniture kitchen, car interior and exterior decoration, signage, logo, bags, jewelry boxes and other fields.  
These products for our industrial production and life has brought a very good help, but in the use, there are some need to pay attention to the maintenance matters, then mirror aluminum plate maintenance What kind of skills?

First of all, only clean and appropriate to ensure the long-term work of mirror aluminum plate.  
The surface of the mirror aluminum plate should be rinsed with a large amount of water;

Second, gently scrub the layout with a soft cloth plus a diluted detergent, after which, to avoid detergent residue;

Finally, carefully check the surface of the mirror aluminum plate, for the more stubborn do not scrub clean stains, the application of detergent for the key cleaning.
Pre-coated Mirror aluminum plate Maintenance is to be able to better long-term use, only the combination of use and maintenance, in order to make mirror aluminum plate products to rejuvenate a new brilliance.

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