What Is The Characteristics Treatment Of Coated Aluminum Coil In Use
- Aug 10, 2018 -


1. It has smoothness, though it has been pressed by composite high temperature, but there is no indentation. And there is no residual stress on the panel, and no deformation will be observed after cutting.

2. It is decorated. Color coating is rich and colorful. It is not only able to be painted as the popular pattern of wood grain and stone, but also can be used to customize the pattern according to the customers' preference.

3, With weather resistance, color-coated aluminum coil patterns are baked by the high temperature coating, gloss, color stability, chromatic aberration changes are very small, long-term use will not attack color change, very durable.

4. Has the mechanical nature, coated aluminum coil using aluminum, plastic box adhesives are very high quality, through advanced composite technology, its flexural strength is very strong, even in the wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors change, will not appear deformation, bending and contraction of the phenomenon.

5, Environmental protection ability, in addition to itself will not corrode poison gas release poison gas, but also will not form the rust of the dragon bone and other firmware, and has the flame retardancy, very environmental protection.

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