What Should Be Concerned To Select Aluminum Sheet ?
- Nov 06, 2018 -


The use determines the thickness and material of aluminum skin, now aluminum sheet is often used in the insulation industry, so in the choice of aluminum skin to take into account the diameter of the insulation pipe, the larger the diameter of the choice of aluminum skin thickness needs to be thicker, the current commonly used aluminum skin is 0.5 and 0.8mm, the width of the general use of a meter wide.

Material, if the strength does not have special requirements to choose 1060, if the strength and material has special requirements can choose a slightly higher price of 3003 material, and other materials because the price is too high, so the use of anti-corrosion insulation aluminum skin is not big, here is not recommended to choose.

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How to see the quality of aluminum sheets:

The quality of pre-painted aluminum sheets can be identified by appearance, flatness and thickness tolerances, high-quality aluminum skin surface without oil, colorless difference and scratches.

This can be identified in the purchase of aluminum skin through the appearance can be distinguished, so it is recommended that no aluminum skin purchase experience of users can be through the simplest surface to identify the quality of aluminum skin, choose high quality aluminum skin, can also be aluminum Pippin on the ground.

You can see whether aluminum skin has back and forth waves, high-quality aluminum skin have been corrected, There will be no obvious wavy lines, thickness needs to be measured with a professional thousand feet, after the above steps can choose a good quality of aluminum skin.

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