What The Matters Needed Attention In The Use Of Mirach’s Coated Aluminum Coils?
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Coated aluminum coil is a salt with an excellent acid-resistant material. There has some important details to take care the matters may caused in application of coated aluminum coil.


First, if you want to put into use, at normal temperature, the temperature should not be overheated or too cold. Furthermore, the height should not be less than 10 degrees in applied of roofing.

The Second, before the device, the timely inspection to ensure that the material of the roof has no wearing appearance, to ensure the normal use in the normal conditions and make sure the life of the use.

Thirdly, the bolt head of the fixed coated aluminum coils should be sealed with water-proof material to prevent the rain from entering rusting.

Finally, the ambient temperature of the coated aluminum roll should be above 7 degrees C. The gap of the processing roll system need be adjusted according to the thickness of the coated aluminum roll, and the roll surface and the foreign object on the plate should be cleared.

At the same time, it should be checked whether the double side of the coloured coating is not to take off the paint, such as the paint, and the reasons should be found and the measures adopted to continue processing.



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