Wood Color Coated Aluminum Coil Of Cassia Siamea --- 2
- Aug 27, 2018 -

The coated aluminum sheet discarded the PET film used in the past, with the disadvantage of easy shedding. Fluorocarbon polyester paint is directly used to break the past can only be used for indoor decoration bottlenecks, and expanded service life the wood color coated aluminum coil (cutter)/color coated aluminum sheet.


C: Machinery: The use of high-quality aluminum, high-grade polyester fluorocarbon coatings, the use of advanced coating technology.Because of the bending and bending strength required for the decorative plate, it can withstand four seasons of temperature and humidity changes, does not bend, deformation or expansion.

D: Environmental protection: Coating can achieve 100% of coating utilization. The coating is baked at elevated temperatures without any residue or diffusion of harmful substances. It is acid and alkali corrosion, does not deteriorate or mold, never release harmful odor, no need to repair paint, no side effects on the environment.

We believe Mirach Metallurgy’s coated aluminum coils with 15~20 years guarantee will enjoy much competitive advantage between quality/price in your further projects.


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